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Invasive plants control

Protect your landscape from invasive plants

From reducing the amount of tree cover to causing a decline in native plants and animal numbers, invasive plant species threaten biodiversity and the natural ecosystem. Rely on West Michigan Tree Services' 85+ years of experience to help you prevent the spread of invasive plant species in your outdoor space.

Non-native invasive plant species continue to encroach into our public and private landscapes. Left unattended, these invasive plants can dramatically change the look, feel, function and overall appeal of a landscape.  


For example, a backyard pond can be overrun by purple loosestrife suppressing the native aquatic plant species and altering the pond's ecology.

Invasive plant management

The staff with West Michigan Tree Services has performed invasive species plant mitigation services on large scale projects for the State of Michigan, other government entities and also offers management programs for residential property owners.  

Handling projects of all sizes

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