Emerald Ash Borer – a current threat to your trees

The Emerald Ash Borer is a non-native beetle that is killing ash trees in Michigan. The arborists with West Michigan Tree Services have been trained to identify the signs of Emerald Ash Borer on ash trees.

Emerald Ash Border West Michigan Tree Services

Emerald Ash Borer prevention

Virtually all Ash trees in West Michigan have become infested with Emerald Ash Borer. Locally owned and operated West Michigan Tree Services offers chemical injections which are appropriate to manage this aggressive pest

Emerald Ash Border West Michigan Tree Services

TREE-äge® control

If an ash tree is confirmed to be infested, we will recommend appropriate control strategies. Specifically, our certified applicator will inject the chemical TREE-äge® into the tree.

This insecticide is proven by independent university research to be effective in controlling the Emerald Ash Borer. Overall tree health dictates the success of the entire Emerald Ash Borer management program.